The Faculty of Communication of Vilnius University presents the virtual exhibition “Healing the Wounds of the Soul”, which reveals the traumatic experiences and dilemmas of young girls and women who struggled to survive in the brutal conditions of World War II and the Holocaust.

“Healing the Wounds of the Soul” presents testimonies of Holocaust survivors, their daughters and granddaughters, revealing that surviving under extremely harsh conditions and experiences kept secret are sensitive hurts that have been passed down through several generations of families. The testimonies also reveal the psychological trauma that causes identity fractures and the importance of female solidarity in the face of life-threatening circumstances.

“After the war was over, it continued in the memories of the women interviewed for the study and their children, until the courage to speak out helped them to understand their feelings and open up to the world. We hope that our exhibition will encourage empathy and openness among visitors and help them understand the complex dilemmas women still face today.” – says project leader and researcher Neringa Latvytė.

The exhibition is part of the international project “Identity on the Line”, which brings together 6 cultural and historical museums and a university from 7 European countries. The aim of the project is to explore the long-term consequences of the different migration processes (voluntary and forced) that have taken place in Europe over the last 100 years. The exhibition is funded by the Creative Europe Programme “Culture” and Vilnius University’s participation in the project is supported by the Lithuanian Council for Culture.

The travelling exhibition was opened on 8 March 2022 at the Scientific Communication and Information Centre of the Vilnius University Library.


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